Betta Solar Street Light



Solar Street Light – Light Distribution
The 20 watt Betta Street Light has a light distribution of 50 meters parallel to the street if erected at 5-6 meters. Solar Street Light – Light Housing
The 4 x LED lights and it’s 1 x controller unit are mounted in a solid aluminium housing to act as a heat sync and to endure severe outside temperatures. Expected life of the LED = 20,000 hours.

Solar Street Light – Light Brightness
Light output is measured at 1600 lumens ad 6 LUXX average over the total distribution area and 25 lux direct under the light head at a height of 5m.

Solar Street Light – Power Replenishment and Consumption
The power system is optimally balanced and replenishes energy to the batteries through 2 x 65 watt solar panels; while the 4 x 5 watt LED lights consume 23 watt of power.
An indication of the systems robustness is that the light will be fully functional for 40 hours when the charging function is disabled and replenish the battery power in 2,4 hours of sunlight, with the assumption that there are 4,9 hours of sun available.

Solar Street Light – Batteries
The system makes use of 4 x 22 AH 12 volt led crystal batteries. These batteries can handle heat up to 65 degrees C, can be depleted 100% and will take charge thereafter, recharge 2-5 time quicker than other led acid battery technologies with a life expectancy of 7-10 years.

Solar Street Light – Bracket System
The system is easy to install by making use of a single size spanner only. Because of the expensive nature of the batteries and solar panels, effective anti-tamper measures are built into the system. The bracket system is available in stainless steel or mild steel and is E-coated and powder coated against any form of corrosion. The bracket can adjust to optimise panel efficiency for a specific geographical area and is suited for any location in Africa.

Solar Street Light – Mounting Pole
The mounting pole should have a top carrying capacity of 90kg and a top diameter of 76mm.
The system is supplied with all components and fasteners as a workable solution to the distributor channel without the pole. Installers will quote the client for a full system including the pole.

Dowloand PDF: Betta Solar Street Light Brochure (404KB)

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